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Re: So Cadet to Captain in what... a week?!

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I will admit I am pretty confused on the timeline of things for lack of a better term. In this movie we see Kirk as a kid, fine ok. I guessing Tarsus 4 wonít be brought into this.

Then later we see Kirk and MCcoy as cadets graduating (kinda strange but fine ok). Then they leave earth have the whole adventure. Now can someone hypothesize for me how Kirk is a Captain at the end? I know he gained the rank of Captain faster than anyone else in the fleet up till TNG time, I always assumed that was like 10 years. I know, just my silly assumption.

Unless the story advances years after he first arrives as a cadet Iím very confused. If he makes Captain in a week how can we take that realistically? I know realistic has little to do with it.

Any thoughts?
where does it show him making Captain?
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