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Re: The Map of the 'Verse

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is this a proper map? i mean is it it authorised by the Serenity people.. will it be countered in future FF productions? like comics and such?
Does that matter? I don't understand the attitude that there's something wrong with a work of fiction if it isn't consistent with another work of fiction. It's all equally made-up anyway. And it's not as if the FF-verse is particularly consistent within itself, especially where cosmology and physics are concerned. The map is an imaginative and beautiful interpretation of something that's totally imaginary to begin with, and it's a whole lot more self-consistent than its source material. Who cares whether it's "proper" or not? All that should matter about something fictional is whether it's well-done and enjoyable. It's not like you're studying for a test and have to make sure your texts are accurate.

The only "future productions" likely to exist are RPG updates and further comics. It's been stated that future RPG updates will be consistent with this map. As for the comics, if there are any more, it'll be up to their creators whether they want to acknowledge the maps, but I doubt it will become an issue, because the stories in the comics are likely to focus on characters and action, not cartography. As with everything in fiction, they should be free to contradict the maps if that's what the story requires.
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