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Re: So Cadet to Captain in what... a week?!

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Six years from what? When we first meet Riker, we have no idea how old he is or how long he's been in Starfleet.
I admit, I have not researched it myself. A poster above, or maybe a page or two back, stated that Riker went from Ensign to Commander that quickly, I believe. I don't think he mentioned how long Riker was an Ensign for though, but if it's true, that's four ranks in six years.

Mostly because they were so far away that they couldn't be promoted. I don't think Janeway has the authority to do it herself. (Starfleet did, OTOH, promote a lot of them two steps in rank when they returned home, to make up for lost time. That's why Kim is a full Lieutenant, Tom Paris is a LCDR, etc.).
If Janeway was able to give criminals (the Maquis officers) field ranks, I think she should have been able to do the same thing for Harry Kim. Of course, they wouldn't be "official" until they got back, or made contact with Starfleet, but when you're on the other side of the galaxy, you can pretty much do what you want.
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