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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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In that same line, do you feel that the characterization of Picard when he ordered the Thalaron weapon to be built was in line with what we know about him? Or the parts where he was in such serious doubt about his future? I wanted to hear what you were thinking Picard was feeling when you wrote those parts so I could better understand where he was coming from.

David, I also wondered about this. All the reviews I've read have been positive, but almost everyone wonders about Picard being "off" in this third instalment as well as the previous two.

I'd love to know your thinking process insofar as Picard is concerned.
I finished the trilogy on Saturday evening and must say that those three books comprise the best Star Trek has had to offer since at least the end of DS9. Loved, loved, LOVED the way the Borg threat was dealt with once and for such a "Star Trek-ian" way. Not through force of arms but through hope...great way to end what could have been a very depressing series of books.

Regarding the questions as to what was up with Picard in the books, especially his advocacy of using the thalaron weapon...I wonder how much his connection to the Collective was affecting his personality and decision making through the Borg crisis, dating back even to the events of Resistance.

Could it be that his emotional state was being influenced on some level by the overwhelming aggression and desire to exterminate that the Borg Collective was focusing on the Federation? Maybe that was why he was acting the way he did?
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