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Re: Favorite Bond actor

I'm going with Craig. I really enjoyed both CR and QoS immensely, and that's thanks to Craig in no small part.

However, really, it's a tie between Craig and Brosnan for me. They play very different Bonds, but I love both of them. However, Brosnan IMHO only had one great movie (TND), so I'm giving Craig the vote here.

Connery is next for me and very, very close to the other two. I also really like Moore as Bond, but there's a bit more of a distance. He did have some cool movies, however, that were quite a lot of fun. And he did manage to come across as really charming.
I'm not fond of Dalton, to be honest, or Lazenby. They just don't really work as Bond for me. I know that a lot of people say that Dalton is closest to Fleming's Bond. However, since all I have to go on is the movies I can't actually comment on that so it doesn't figure in for me.
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