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Re: Which versions of aliens do you imagine?

Klingons: I default to ridges-Klingons regardless of era, unless specifically stated in the text that we are dealing with one or the other.

Trill: Always DS9

Cardassians: DS9 always unless specifically I'm reading about Gul Macet then I picture him as he appeared in TNG.

Andorians: ENT style always. In this case even if specifically mentioning the other style, I override that in my mind and go with ENT, unless it plays some special part in the story itself.

Tellarties: ENT -- but that's because that's my only remembered exposure to them and don't know what they looked like elsewhere.

Tholians -- I don't picture them as they appeared on screen at all. I picture them more like N'Grath from Babylon 5 but with smaller eyes.

I also have a stereotype about Humans I picture in books too. I go with what is described about them up to a point. For example I have a great deal of difficulty remembering to picture Renal Keru in Titan as a big burly bearded man. I usually start out with a base of average height, and average Hollywood-weight (so much thinner than normal), and ranging in average to well above average looks.
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