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Re: The Map of the 'Verse

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That looked really remarkable...are those the people who made the excellent Serenity blueprints a couple of years ago? I want that map.
Yes, Quantum Mechanix is the same company that did the blueprints. And the main artist responsible for the map is Geoffrey Mandel, who did graphic designs for the movie Serenity (including the star maps shown in the film, I believe) and who previously did Star Trek Star Charts.

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For that matter, I'm still curious how the Alliance was able to make the "atmo and gravity close to Earth-that-was" or whatever Zoe said. I mean, altering the atmosphere is one thing, but playing around with the mass or gravity of a planet seems light years ahead of what we saw of Alliance technology. It makes absolutely no sense.
Well, they had artificial gravity on their spaceships, so artificially augmenting a planet's gravity just seems like a larger-scale version of the same technology. So it doesn't seem that inconsistent to me.

Besides, most of the tech we saw was the tech used by poor, struggling settlers on the frontier. We didn't see much of the tech level used by the most advanced, prosperous parts of the civilization. That's one of the great things about FF/S -- it reflected a reality rarely seen in SF, namely that technological advancement is not uniform. Today, we're making all these incredible technological breakthroughs, but there are still hundreds of millions of people who don't even have plumbing.

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Well yeah. It's an awesome show no doubt about it but the science is a little wonky.
That's being generous. Consistent worldbuilding has never been one of Whedon's strengths. It wasn't until the movie that they even settled on whether the series took place in a single star system or a whole galaxy.
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