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Re: Destiny--Why not more DS9 or VOY characters?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
Voyager? My understanding of Full Circle (which amounts to notes scribbled furiously at Shore Leave last July, so in no way is this gospel) is that it takes the story from the Spirit Walk duology, through Destiny, and a little bit beyond that.

Good notes, Allyn. That's exactly right.

I can't speak to the choices about DS9 though I would imagine that the number of stories still to be told between Fearful Symmetry and Destiny had a lot to do with which characters were utilized and how, but in terms of Voyager, the choice was specifically made to keep the use of Voyager's characters fairly minimal in Destiny to give me as much freedom as I needed to write Full Circle.

You have to remember that even though Voyager hasn't had a new novel since Spirit Walk, a number of characters have been used in other fiction lines in the interim and all of that had to be taken into account in developing Full Circle. David was incredibly generous when he was working on Destiny to work with me to make sure that anything he did with Voyager's characters tied in with what I had created. Had that not been the case, Full Circle would have been significantly more difficult to do than it already was.
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