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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

A 25th Century based Trek Series involving a Timeship pursuing another Timeship which alters the past from TOS on up! Which could open up possibilities of alternate realities AND exploration of worlds mentioned
but not shown.
Disagree. I'd rather they just establish an entirely new canon-line rather than messing with time travel.

A late 23rd century era (post Generations) based Series on a Excelsior-class starship exploring new territories, similar to TOS. Maybe Enterprise-B based!
Not a bad idea. Make it CGI.

Late 24th Century era (post Nemesis) based Series on a starship that docks with a space station, a combo of DS9 and TNG type of stories.
DS9 largely explored the whole "station" concept.

Although, a series set on Earth Spacedock might be interesting, since presumably it's the size of a large city. It might also be a good chance to examine Earth in the 24th century, which hasn't really been done yet.
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