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Re: Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Time

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I hope he learns to make some sort of connection here--it sounds to me like he's guilting himself more than she actually holds him responsible.
A bit, in a way. Looking back at how Scott pretty much lived in fear of disappointing his own family --

He loved them. Loved his family. It was never that he didn't; he wanted to make them proud. He wanted them to see how hard he tried, and see that he really was doing good, that he wasn't being a disgrace -- he'd gotten himself to school when he was still in primary, after getting himself up and dressed, and in secondary he still did all of that.
--it makes sense. Yeah, he did make massive headway in ONOW in really learning how to one: connect with people and two: decide for himself what life would be about. But still has some lingering twitchiness; that's a whole lot of conditioning he's gotta shake off.

Though, you gotta give the boy credit for not ducking and running when Melinda dragged him in for breakfast. That was a whole lot harder for him, than her.

This is definitely the set where you see that kind of learning happen. Which is a big reason I do love it so much.
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