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Re: So Cadet to Captain in what... a week?!

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If the trailer breakdown over at Trekmovie is to be believed, Entertainment Weekly is right about Kirk's shirt meaning he's a cadet.
Thanks...I just checked that out.

I STILL think Kirk has to be in some sort of Command School or something (hence he is "technically" a cadet)...I don't know. I'm just talking out my ass now.

If he IS truly a cadet, I hope there is a damn good reason for him to be taking temporary command of a ship full of senior officers.

I know usually does their due diligence, but maybe they are simply speculating about this (and some other details) just like the rest of us.

I did notice that he is wearing gold when he says "Buckle up", so maybe he DOESN'T take command while in the "cadet" black shirt. Perhaps I made a wrong assumption and he only takes command later (when he is no longer a cadet).
There is no speculation in that article. As with all information we report it is 'double sourced' and where there is some question or a single source it is noted with a 'probably'

Things we are certain of include:
- Kirk is technically a cadet when in the 'black shirt'
- Enterprise is being built in Iowa
- Nero is being held at Rura Penthe

We have yet to get a spoiler wrong and the trailer and recent preview confirms many we have reported before
Didn't JJ say that the Earth scenes take place in Iowa and San Francisco?
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