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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

I really liked it. Not as good as Casino Royale, but then you can't expect near-perfection from every Bond movie. I think the aspect I appreciated most was the one thing the Bond movies have almost entirely lacked: continuity. When I heard that this film would follow on directly from the last one, I about jumped up and down in excitement (except for M's new office, but there's any number of explanations to explain remodelling... like, maybe, remodelling). Hopefully they'll continue the trend of not ignoring what's happened in the past and we'll see more of Quantum and what their goals are in future installments.

I did like the last scene very much (maybe the best part of the movie), and although curious about what Bond said to Vesper's boyfriend, I don't think the fact that it happened offscreen really detracts from it in any way.

There was some stuff I wasn't wild about: The editing in the action scenes was one of them, as has been mentioned. I think some of the plot (particularly the tagged bills, which was told in such a rush I couldn't follow it at all) could have been made just a little clearer, and maybe a few more jokes added ("We are teachers on sabbatical... and we have just won the lottery" got the biggest laugh when I went to the theatre). Also, while I loved the dark homage to Goldfinger, it feels like it may have been in the wrong movie, or revealed in the wrong way, if that makes any sense to anybody; I'm not sure what I'd do to improve it, but there ya go.

I gave it "Above Average". I can't give it "Excellent", but that's purely on the basis of it not being Casino Royale.
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