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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Interesting choice of words, considering my deliberate invocation of language from the New Testament in the final chapters of Lost Souls.

Yeah, I really appreciated it. It seemed really appropriate considering the story. After so many years of the Borg, their final redemption was really cathartic.

On a more personal note, the theme of "keeping the faith" (for lack of a better term) really resonated with me. I might have gotten a little misty when Riker told his wife "I believed in you. And, as always, my faith in you has been richly rewarded." You see the same theme running through the Borg story as well.

I mean, think of all the ugly solutions that were proposed that could have fixed their problems: like forcing Deanna to abort her child or using the thaloran weapon to wipe out the Borg. Even though those seemed like the best and perhaps only options left to them, making those choices would have killed a part of their souls. It definitely would have killed Riker and Troi's marriage. It made it so much more satisfying when faith was rewarded in the end. Deanna was able to keep her child, and Riker's faith in her was rewarded. The Borg were redeemed, and their victims had their lives restored to them.

So yeah, that came as a helpful reminder for me at this point in my life. Thanks for that.

One question I had toward the end, though. The fate of the Borg seemed to be wrapped up a little conveniently. I was thinking of all those drones who did still have something to go back to. I mean, what about the assimilated humans who might still have homes and families in the Federation? I would have expected a lot more of the former drones to go looking for their old lives. Was that ever considered when you were writing the story David?

Also, the former Borg-occupied space in the Delta Quadrant would be a pretty weird place right about now. You have thousands upon thousands of light years of suddenly empty space running like a scar through the quadrant. It'd be interesting to see how the people living on the fringes of Borg space react. And it would be pretty eerie to be the first explorers venturing into that territory.
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