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Re: Twilight - Movie Discussion and Grading


****Possible Spoilers*****

I give high marks to the cinematographer and fond the actor playing Carlyle Cullen to be the most interesting vamp. My date told me he has 400yrs of history. That coupled with his restraint, teachings, profession despite being a vamp and self control make him the most interesting imo.

Alice and Jessica are both more attractive than Bella. Ok except the scene in her underwear maybe. Kristen Stewart should age well though.

The trio of bad guys come across as very 2-dimensional. James is only lacking a mustache to twill. There is no reason, despite the so thin it doesn't hold up one, that James should want to track Bella across 3 states to kill her. He has never met the Cullens or Edward till the 3rd act and has no reason to want to kill her for spite to show Edward up. The fact he is a crazy good tracker and once locked onto a scent must continue the hunt is one that just doesn't hold. Sorry.

Edward. I'm told by my friend his portrayal was just as it should've been. Well good, if you read the books cause I thought his performance was sub par. However, if that is how he is supposed to be I'll cut him slack. I liked the Jacob character and I'm told he becomes a werewolf, cool. I may see New Moon to see that. I also understand they travel to Italy. So maybe the sequel will eclipse(no pun intended) the first one in terms of quality and story.

Some lame dialoge. "Hold on my spidermonkey"
Sorry Stephanie Meyer but Vamps need to hold to some consistency. I get if you want them "less threatning" but some elements should stay in play.
Vamps in Twilight can:
-have a reflection
-bite and draw blood without fangs
-be in the sunlight, the downside is they glitter

How about crosses, garlic and silver those weren't addressed. When they were cooking Italian for Bella I tried to see if garlic was included in the ingredients.

Congrats on it making $70m+ it'll no doubt go on to make $175-200m but its an average movie. However the 12yr old girl next to me giggled through half of it out of, I guess, sheer joy on what was done right. So, in that regards kudos to the filmmakers. If that girl is any indication, and $70m likely is, then they made the movie most were expecting.
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