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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

I registered over 2 years ago, but I only recently became "active". I'm a very slow poster, and that's one of the reasons for me to do this introduction, it will help me on my way to an Avatar.

Well here I go!
My name is Mark Rademaker, born 1980. I live and work in the Netherlands, my biggest hobby and nowadays my second "job" is Starship design. I'm following Star Trek since it aired in the Netherlands in 1989 (TNG) Also one of the reasons why I joined this board.

Since late 2006 I have done some work for the Ships of the Line calendars, something I really enjoy doing. Because of my design work I dont have much of a social life and this is probably also the reason why I'm still single. (As far as I know that is by choice, so I'm not really worried.)

I enjoy cycling, science fiction, design, and computers in general.
Music: I like electronic/techno, but anything goes.

Here is the part that I wanted to skip, but I'm doing it anyway:
Picture of me in 2007.

A gallery with some of my work. My not always up to date blog.

I always have and will without doubt continue to enjoy Trekbbs. Thanks for that! Please let me know if the links are working, I dont have much experience with the way Picasa webalbums is handling hotlinking.
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