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Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings

This section picks up one year after On the Nature of Wind. In order to really understand this, you should have probably read that. Especially since the first story spoils the ending of that tale.

It's also the last 'complete' part of the broad story arc that I have done so far; I doubt I'll post the rest yet, just because there are so many gaps where big things happen that the stories I do have done have little context. It may be a long time; right now, my ability to write well seems to have abandoned me.

Nonetheless, if you're interested in reading them out of context, you can find them here. There are some Pike-era pieces, and some classical TOS-style fanfic that doesn't require a ton of context to enjoy. Even a bit of Christmas fluff. All listed in chronological order, to boot.

True Bearings is probably one of my favorite parts, if only because it was written rather easily. It's still close to the ground, and most of it is strongly character-based. It has some really light, warm parts in it; likewise, it does have its occasional gritty moments. Mostly, it's about the process of discovering what it's like to be a part of a family.

"A true bearing is measured in relation to true north..."
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