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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

I feel like there are still stories to be told in the 24th century - maybe show the Federation rebuilding after the war and starting to explore again.

I've had an about turn recently, so I wouldn't actually mind a Pike-era series depending on how the film turns out.

On the other hand, the franchise needs to bring new fans in, like TNG did 20 years ago, so maybe another leap into the future (i.e. the 25th century) is the way to go. A large enough gap between that and the TNG era could mean that there's some room to 'start again', rediscover old races, meet some whole new ones - the Federation has branched out further into the galaxy, maybe not even in the Milky Way at all. And there's still room to fill in the gaps between Nemesis and the new series if they wanted.

I think I'm not alone in needing to open my mind in accepting a new version of the Trekverse, so it doesn't suffer the same fate as Enterprise and the last couple of seasons of Voyager.
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