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Destiny--Why not more DS9 or VOY characters?

Just finished book II of the Destiny trilogy, absolutely excellent so far! Looking forward to reading the conclusion when it comes out here at my local bookstore next week.

I was curious what was the reasoning behind the editorial decision not to include more characters from either DS9 or VOYAGER? I would have thought TREK in the novel format would have more freedom in use of characters from various series? Especially considering a storyline of this epic magnitude, I would think using some of the more well known characters and their perspective of events would be very interesting to readers.

So why was not a major character like SISKO included? As far as I know, his connection to the BORG (death of his wife, loss of his ship) has never been explored and would give him an interesting view on the events in Destiny.

And why isn't Voyager and it's crew more a significant player? One would think with their years in the Delta Quadrant dealing directly with the Borg would make them a valuable resource and put them more on the frontlines dealing with the threat.

I am not complaining. As I said, I think this story is fantastic. Best Trek Lit I have read in a very long time. I am just very interested in how a franchise story in constructed and why certain editorial decisions are made concerning the use, or non-use in this case, of the more well known characters.

Any insight would be very appreciated.
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