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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

First time poster here - although I've posted at psiphi a few times.

David - WOW! There are so many things to say... it was nice to see you juggle characters from so many series and remain true to them. Over the past few years, so many of my fav Trek characters have been book ONLY and it was nice to see how well they were used by you.

In particular, I have a soft spot for Christine. I think I've loved her a bit since the A Time To... series, and she was stellar here as well. Bacco... kudos! And I will reiterate what another poster has said... Jasminder has quite simply overshadowed most screen Trek characters.

This is quite an accomplishment for you and all the other Trek writers... making print only characters that meaningful, and making me rededicated to all the good old screen ones as well.


I have never EVER got even slightly misty eyed before in a Trek book. I think there were three or four times with this one. The scene with Tuvok's son....

Once it dawned about the sheer power of what the Caeliar and Hernandez were going to do... once that whole idea sunk in, it was almost emotionally overwhelming, and than seeing your description of the trillions of drones everywhere...

Picard's breakdown... but for me the most, even though I know Voyager's not a fan favorite but Seven has always been one of mine hands down, the final scene with her in the book... absolutely unbelievable and I hope Seven is used in Kirsten Beyer's forthcoming novels...

I think most people obviously knew the Caeliar would be the source of resolution... but in a series filled with so much death and destruction, the awesome power of the pacifist ending was one of the most powerful ideas/images/events I have read in a novel this year, whether or not it was a Trek book or Pullitzer winning material.

Thank you for this and for all that you accomplished, as well as setting up some new material for KRAD, Chris, Kirsten, and everyone else who now gets to play in the new playground. I know everyone was expecting some "major" deaths but I'm glad that no one else went the way of Janeway from main cast... the ones you did kill were enough, and I was really dreading who of the BIG characters were gonna go..

Also, thanks for writing that Shar had left Andor. Appreciate it. However, I'm still mad about the purposeful suspense surrounding Voyager's crew..

Thanks again!
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