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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Mere Mortals - SPOILER Thread

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The Tholian ambassador mentioned something about the Taurus reach -- is this a New Frontier reference?
No, Vanguard. The turbulent history between the Federation and Tholians in the Taurus Reach is spelled out in that series.
This scene was a little disheartening. I wanted to be caught up on my D-Mack readings before beginning Destiny so I made sure to read Reap the Whirlwind immediately before starting the epic. Being a peace-nik my heart was warmed by the events of Whirlwind regarding the Tholians and Starfleet. The fact that Tholians maintained embassies at places like Deep Space Nine well into the 24th century, in my eyes, leaned in the direction of better relations between the UFP and the Tholians. Having the "sins of the Taurus Reach" brought up so far in the future doesn't really bode well for events in the intervening years.
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