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Star Trek Gatekeeper

Star Trek: Gatekeeper

... is a Norwegian film project with 15 countries involved in the production, and among them Star Trek and Star Wars actors from the original shows/movies, several well known fan based actors, as well as other celebs.

The movie is a crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars set to the very last part of the 29th Century - about 500 years after Captain Braxton was arrested.

The starting point of the production was the question; "What happened with Voyager and Captain Janeway after they returned to Earth?". We produced history for Kathryn Janeway and her family line all the way up until Elisabeth Janeway is put in charge of the Gatekeeper station.

This is the plot of the show:

The year is 2887 - a period of time- and dimension travellers. The first known stationary Nexus appears above Ares City - the Capital of Mars, and in the years to come millions of alien ships are appearing in the Alfa Quadrant to enter the Nexus, threatening to set the entire quadrant in chaos.

Year 2892 the Vulcan president of the United Federation of Planets - Sedak, orders the building of the biggest space structure in UFP's history: The Gatekeeper Station. The station's task is to keep people away from the Nexus.

In 2894 the station is ready and one of the sharpest minds in Starfleet - young Elisabeth Janeway is picked out to run the station. Janeway is the 13th descendent of Kathryn Janeway of the historical star ship Voyager. Her team consists of eight genetically engineered species. They are to be known as The Gatekeepers.

Entering her private quarter after a long day's work, Janeway is confronted with two androids and their warning of a powerful warlord closing in on the Alpha Quadrant to take control of the Gatekeeper station and enter the Nexus in search of his long lost love. While the warlord is unknown to Janeway, his partner most certainly is - the Borg Queen.

During the preparation for battle a small arm from the Nexus reaches out and embraces the upper half of the station. At first nothing seems to happen, until five well known characters appear on the station bridge: The finest captains of Starfleet history are back and ready join the fight.

The studios (Green Screen & Miniature Settings) are currently being built in Stockholm, were our partner Subtopia has their base.

Official Home page is:

BUT - during our webmaster’s education in England, the newly created Facebook club "Gatekeeper": the most updated source of information and graphics.

Thomas Dahl
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