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Re: More 'Star Trek XI' Preview Reports

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So the New York Times lumps The Undiscovered Country with the TNG films? Count that another reason I hate the NYT with a passion. Those liberal bastards who only review movies in which I end up hating but they go gah gah over.

But I agree with you that the TNG films suck, though. I enjoyed the first four Trek films, and I liked about thirty minutes of First Contact, but Treks 5-7 and 9 and 10 sucked ass, IMHO.
I never said the TNG films suck. I actually like the TNG films, but they were not as good (with the exception of First Contact) as the other six. I'm just surprised given supposedly popular opinion that the TNG films were not as good, TUC was lumped with them.
Your post seemed to dis numbers 7, 9, and 10, so I thought you dint like 'em.

BTW, The Convential Wisdom (TM) that the even-numbered films are cool, and the odd-numbered ones stink, except for the pattern-breaking Nemesis, has always made me do one of these: TMP and TSFS may not be perfect, but they're far superior to TUC, and although FC has some great moments in Montana, the Borg Queen stuff is frickin' lame.

To each his own, though---some people even like TFF! Yikes!
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