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Re: More botched movie plotline?-- Venom vs. Phoenix

phoenix - most botched up.

actually x3 in general was just a botch up. 2 good story lines ground down to 1.5 hours of nothing. fyi action does not make story lines, for people who think x3 was best because of action.

phoenix could have been salvagable if they hadn't cut the movie to 1.5 hours and made it the wolvercrap show. x2 was more an ensemble thing.

not to say venom was not botched because it was too. i really don't get why movie makers LOVE dual-villainy in movies. just use one bad guy and use him well. don't use two and water them down. though they wanted to use sandman to tie up peter's guilt over his uncle's death. they try to pack in so much into one movie that people miss out on a lot of things. at least though spidey 3 was longer than an hour and a half.
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