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Re: Romuln Warbird Spectualtion

I assumed that the drone warbird was an older class of ship modified for the drone role, and that the ENT "Minefield" warbird was newer, since it's design is similar to Romulan warships in the TOS era. The Romulans probably thought that modifying a ship of the same class as in "Minefield" as a waste of resources. I don’t think the Rommies would risk having their newest, most advanced warbirds falling into the hands of Vulcan, Earth, Andoria or any of the other species. If the Rommies were successful with their drone program and figured a way to remotely control ships themselves without needing a telepathic Andorian, they could probably come up with a simpler design that doesn't have any interiors for a crew whatsoever. Such a ship only needs enough room for the warp core, impulse drive, weapons and holoprojectors. Of course, as previously suggested, the drone ships could have been prototypes of a class of warbird that did not see widespread use and only several built. Or maybe the “Minefield” warbird is a new class and only a handful were in service at the time of ENT, while the drone warbird class was the numerous type
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