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Re: Twilight - Movie Discussion and Grading

I saw the movie tonight. There was actually a huge line to get into the theater a full hour before the movie started that I had to wait half an hour in before we were allowed to take our seats. Overall the movie was great and very true to the book. The characterizations were pretty much spot on for me even if I still have a reservation or two about Bella. The guy playing Jacob isn't at all how I imagined him either.

My two biggest gripes about the movie are the special effect used for Edward in the sunlight is very weak and not at all how I imagined it and the movie should have been longer. Many of my favorite scenes were trimmed or cut entirely and I found myself thinking of lines unspoken. I worry that when New Moon gets made into a movie it will be even more painfully obvious the amount of material that is cut for time.

Overall: Above Average (very close to excellent)
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