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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Err, huh? The Achernar in the Romulan map in Star Charts is Alpha Eridani, the real Achernar, and "Wolf in the Fold" did mention that Heliopolis City was on Alpha Eridani II (the name Achernar wasn't used in the episode).
That's what I thought I read on that map. Thanks for the confirmation!

Brief aside: We need a new starmap, I think. It need not be the whole of the galaxy but just the UFP-known space region in the wake of this latest round of "almost the Apocalypse". Something for inclusion in the eventual collected edition of the Destiny trilogy, perhaps. I'd imagine the deadline would be too tight for something to be set up for A Singular Destiny.

Dwight Williams

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