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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Having watched it again, I think it was better than when I first saw it. It wasn't a story like Casino Royale was, it was more like an actual Bond film although it did expand on some of the plots from Casino Royale, which is more than you can say for most Bonds. Outside of a few small references most Bond films ignored anything that happened in the last Bond films. There really wasn't as much of a story to tell here. It just wanted to start with what Quantum was and make it more of an enemy for future movies. It's not like SPECTRE which was basically gone after Diamonds are Forever. Also SPECTRE never developed, it was just evil and that was that. Maybe now we can get future movies that explain what the bad guys really are.

They want to make the Quantam story line enough to last several Bond films so that Bond can go on another 20 years or whatever. But they did have a lot of key character moments in this one. He was trying to become a better agent, not just a killer even though his temperment didn't allow him to use his restraint till the end. There isn't the memorable moments of Casino Royale. But that movie had really been written for a couple of years before it was being made.

I do hope they do a little better job in writing the next one, even if it means that there's a little extra time between this movie and the next movie. The writting for QOS wasn't near as good as it was for CR, I will agree to anyone on that. But it was still a really solid Bond outing and one of the better Bond films.
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