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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

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Well, if you would take the time to actually read my post, you'll see that I pointed out that the ideas might seem weighty to the general summer movie audience, not "go over their heads." Nor did I say that the ideas were "profound".
Ah, semantical biggest turn-off on the Net.
This is not 'semantical quibbling'. This is a case of different words having different meanings. You, however, have twisted the meaning of a word (semantics) to describe something other than its own definition. You have played the semantics game, and therefore are your own biggest turn-off on the net. How's it feel?
Ah, indignant, pseudo-intellectual new biggest turn-off on the Net.

It's pure luck that I even noticed this post from the main page, I probably haven't been on this forum since around when this thread died. Was that post really only two months ago? Feels like at least six....Ward Fowler took it in stride...give it a rest.
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