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[GAME] Hurt/Heal STAR TREK SERIES: Grand Final

Yes its finally arrived!
The (Grand) Grand final of the Hurt/Heal Games
Its the top 8 from the Grand Finals

The Rules
  • Each episode starts on 10 points.
  • 1 Vote every calender day per member.
  • On each vote you must both:
  • Heal your favorite episode + 1
  • Hurt your least favorite episode -2
  • You cannot hurt without healing or vice versa
  • Once an episode reaches zero it's out
  • Episodes are ranked in order of elimination
  • Please indicate which episodes you have hurt and healed


TOS: City on the Edge of Forever 10
TOS: Journey to Babel 10
TOS: Balance of Terror 10
TOS: Mirror, Mirror 10
TOS: The Doomsday Machine 10
TOS: Amok Time 10
TOS: The Devil in the Dark 10
TOS: Where No Man Has Gone Before 10
TNG: The Best of Both Worlds, Part One 10
TNG: Q Who 10
TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise 10
TNG: The Defector 10
TNG: The Drumhead 10
TNG: The Inner Light 10
TNG: The Measure of a Man 10
TNG: The Wounded 10
DS9: In the Pale Moonlight 10
DS9: The Visitor 10
DS9: Sacrifice of Angels 10
DS9: Call to Arms 10
DS9: Duet 10
DS9: Favor the Bold 10
DS9: Improbable Cause 10
DS9: The Way of the Warrior 10
VOY: Scorpion, Part One 10
VOY: S4 Year of Hell, Part One 10
VOY: S3 Worst Case Scenario 10
VOY: S4 Scorpion, Part Two 10
VOY: S5 Timeless 10
VOY: S2 Deadlock 10
VOY: S3 Distant Origin 10
VOY: S4 Year of Hell, Part Two 10
ENT: The Forge 10
ENT: Awakening 10
ENT: Kir'Shara 10
ENT: The Andorian Incident 10
ENT: Countdown 10
ENT: Carbon Creek 10
ENT: The Expanse 10
ENT: In a Mirror Darkly Part One 10
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