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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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On its own, Quantum of Solace is a fine film. Is it the best James Bond film ever? I don't know. Is it a terrible film on its own? No.
Like Spider-Man 3, I am skipping this one on DVD and Blu-ray.

If Craig's 3rd Bond gets a "thumbs up" from me, then not only will I purchase that on Blu-ray, but I will also go back to the used discount bin and dust-off a copy of Quantum of Solace, and add it to my collection to "fill in the gap."

However, if Craig's 3rd Bond receives a "thumbs down" from me, my James Bond collection ends with Casino Royale (2006).

Let me put it to you this way:

I'll take a Sean Connery in a bad James Bond outing over that of Daniel Craig in a mediocre James Bond outing, anyday.

Your math does not add up, kemosabe.
There is nothing in Quantum of Solace that I have already seen better in any of the previous James Bond outings and the 3 Jason Bourne films.

Even The Dark Knight and Iron Man had elements of the fun, charming, playboy James Bond-esque adventurer than Quantum of Solace, so no, this one is a no-go for me.
It really amazes me that folks who somehow LIKED the endless meandering Casino Royale didn't love QOS. I mean, I friggin' hated CR and yet (with the exception of Craig) I enjoyed QOS immensely, the most entertaining Bond I've seen in a theater since the Dalton films.

I can't imagine owning all the Bond movies (why own a Roger Moore film unless it has Ken Adam sets and Derek Meddings visual effects?) but I do have most of them, if for no other reason than just watching sequences when I want to. I don't think that'll be the case with QOS, because I think it is a better movie than you can at first tell, so I'd be more inclined to watch the whole movie through, like I do with FRWL and the Dalton pictures.
I am glad you enjoyed it.

Myself personally, when 007 films go from being trend-setters (Connery Bond films) to trend-copiers (Moore Bond films), the overall quality of the franchise spirals down.

For example, take a look at the first 4 Moore Bond films:

Live and Let Die (007 jumps aboard the blaxploitation film movement.)
The Man with the Golden Gun (007 jumps aboard the Enter the Dragon martial arts movement.)
The Spy Who Loved Me (007 jumps aboard the Jaws summer blockbuster movement.)
Moonraker (007 jumps aboard the Star Wars sci-fi blockbuster movement.)

Craig's Bond films are headed in that direction by aping the latest Jason Bourne films. And by doing that, "Quantum of Solace" came off as flashy with very little story like those plot-thin "The Fast and the Furious" films.

The action scenes were shaky and shot way too close to the camera to tell what is going on. Daniel Craig made a mistake by emulating Timothy Dalton too closely for this outing -- way too serious, with no quips, no fun, and just doing his job by the book.

After 46 years and 22 films, this billion dollar franchise should be a well-oiled machine by now. I hope the Broccolis get their act together, because Bond is beginning to look more and more like Ozymandias...

Look at it another way, had George Lazenby never left the EON 007 franchise and finished out his 7 film contract up to For Your Eyes Only, On Her Majesty's Secret Service would have been considered his lone serious effort, while all of the sequels that came afterwards would have descended into camp whether or not he was in the role, like the way they played out in real life. Lazenby, not Roger Moore would have been known in film history as "the campy Bond."

It just feels like Casino Royale was Daniel Craig's one serious 007 entry to reboot the franchise, while the inevitable sequels will emulate the Jason Bourne films on the surface without the intricacies and the layers of those Robert Ludlum adaptations that appeal to most Jason Bourne fans. I really hope that this is not the pattern of future 007 films, where we lose the charming, playboy international spy in favor of a humorless, no-nonsense government agent and blunt instrument.
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