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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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On its own, Quantum of Solace is a fine film. Is it the best James Bond film ever? I don't know. Is it a terrible film on its own? No.
Like Spider-Man 3, I am skipping this one on DVD and Blu-ray.

Good Will Riker, answer me this: what will you do (perish the thought!) if Craig's third outing as 007 turns out to be as 'mediocre' a film as you seem to have decided it is? What then? What will your poor Blu-Ray player do then? If you want to continue to be a drama queen about it, go right ahead.
If Craig's 3rd Bond gets a "thumbs up" from me, then not only will I purchase that on Blu-ray, but I will also go back to the used discount bin and dust-off a copy of Quantum of Solace, and add it to my collection to "fill in the gap."

However, if Craig's 3rd Bond receives a "thumbs down" from me, my James Bond collection ends with Casino Royale (2006).

You say this film will appeal only to the completists out there --- yet you have every James Bond film. Including the atrocious and apocryphal Never Say Never Again.
Let me put it to you this way:

I'll take a Sean Connery in a bad James Bond outing over that of Daniel Craig in a mediocre James Bond outing, anyday.

Your math does not add up, kemosabe.
There is nothing in Quantum of Solace that I have already seen better in any of the previous James Bond outings and the 3 Jason Bourne films.

Even The Dark Knight and Iron Man had elements of the fun, charming, playboy James Bond-esque adventurer than Quantum of Solace, so no, this one is a no-go for me.
It really amazes me that folks who somehow LIKED the endless meandering Casino Royale didn't love QOS. I mean, I friggin' hated CR and yet (with the exception of Craig) I enjoyed QOS immensely, the most entertaining Bond I've seen in a theater since the Dalton films.

I can't imagine owning all the Bond movies (why own a Roger Moore film unless it has Ken Adam sets and Derek Meddings visual effects?) but I do have most of them, if for no other reason than just watching sequences when I want to. I don't think that'll be the case with QOS, because I think it is a better movie than you can at first tell, so I'd be more inclined to watch the whole movie through, like I do with FRWL and the Dalton pictures.
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