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Starscape BBS 3rd Anniversary

Hello Scapers,

Well, it's almost here, December 26th, which will mark Starscape BBS's 3rd Anniversary.
In honor of that date, I have, after much effort, recreated the original board before she crashed.
I was able to place it on the original server, and it is fully functional in every way. You can post,
make polls, you name it. Here it is:

Starscape BBS Classic

Also, we will be having a raffle, the prize being a $30 Gift Certificate.
If you are interested, simply send a private message to me, John, with the word 'Raffle' in the subject heading,
and you will be entered into the contest in which the winning username will be drawn on December 26th.

With that being said, let us hope for another 3 years of Starscape BBS, and with your participation, we can
make them great years.

J. Allen
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