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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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I'm from Florida. Unlike a certain Florida ex-pat author, if the temps dip below 76 I start to whine. Oh while Im up here, any hints of stuff I should do instead of dying of boredom in my hotel room?
Ah, that explains. I lived in Florida for a while and it took forever to adjust when I came back here.

I believe some of the ski resorts are open now if you are into skiing.

Everyone is talking about how awesome the body worlds exhibit in Salt Lake is:, if you want to look at dead bodies.

When I am in Salt Lake I always have to make a point of visiting The Bayou for live Jazz and great food.

Then there is always hanging out in Park City. It is worth the trip to hit the restaurants and galleries on main street, not to mention that it is a beautiful setting. But very cold!

And if you like football I believe today is the huge BYU/U of Utah game.

Finally, you could always visit down town Salt Lake and see all of the historical things there.

All of this assumes, of course, that you are on the Wasatch front.

ANYHOW so that I don't get accused of derailing this topic, I will answer JD's question:
I have a quick spoilery question, and I'm just looking for a general answer here, nothing to specific. Is the huge impact this has simply the amount of destruction the Borg cause, or is there something big that happens in the story, other than what's been mentioned here?
I think it is a combination of the massive destruction and death--particularly for the main characters who have lost loved ones--and

EDIT: And apparently I took too long typing this as Christopher beat me to JD's question. . .
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