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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

I think that one real casualty of the DoS was the revamping of Toyman into a child killer. I know it was not truly related to the Death and Return, but it always felt this change crept in as a result of all that. All of his post-DoS appearances, including STAS (where he was still creepy as hell)and L&C, have kept him in this way. Superman can't kill him - in fact, the old Batman/Joker conurundum is 1000 times worse for Superman. But his every appearance probably means a child's brutal death. I think they almost acknowledged the bind they're in with this character in the DTV of Doomsday. No other villain could have made me cheer when the clone dropped him to his death. I wish they'd used IC to turn him back somewhat, as his 'reform' turned out to be an illusion in retro-con.
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