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Re: What do you want for Christmas?

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You need to go to Harrods and take a shit load of money then.
The only funny joke in Harrods is Mohammed Al-Fayed.
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You need to go to Harrods and take a shit load of money then.
I would not go there because they sell fur.
Forget the fur, Harrods has been run into the ground since Fayed took over. Even ignoring the extreme kitsch of the fake gold everywhere and the disturbing joke that is the shrine to Dodi, the whole store has lost any sense of magic. I thought they were improving about a year ago, but my most recent visit just confirmed the decline.

I'd quite like some new slippers too. And socks. Socks are always good.
Oh yeah, I need some new socks too. Good idea!

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In reality, all I really want is to spend Christmas at home this year. Last year I checked into the hospital for a transplant on 12 December and spent Christmas in a reverse-pressure isolation room with nothing more than a piece of sterilized tinsel hanging over the TV. My big Christmas present last year was two units of whole blood on Christmas Day.

It made me realize just how important (and how much I missed) Christmas with my family... I want for myself, my wife and kids to all be happy and healthy in the coming year.

And world peace.
You just escape being nuked by being too cool for school. That, and with your record, you're probably immune to the blast.

Locutus gets a brand new radiation-suit, for the perfect funny quote.

The rest of you schmaltz-merchants though, no mercy:

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Some way to cure the economy. It's hard to think about what I want for Christmas when the Economy is this bad and people can't even afford to feed their families let alone buy christmas gifts.
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Inner peace, then?
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