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Arc of the Wolf: On the Nature of Wind - Random Artwork

And, finally, artwork that goes with ONOW. Some just sketches, some actual finished pieces, all done mostly for the fun of it.

Corry - A random sort of bunch of doodling I did while bored, kind of an expression reference sheet for Corry. With bonus commentary by Mini-Corry... who, actually became so popular that SOMEONE ELSE who did a pic of Cor had him in there.

Late Night - Somewhere in Part II of ONOW, Scotty working late in the shipyards. Photoshop CS2 on a Wacom Bamboo. Don't remember how long it took.

Just That Simple - A really quick piece of Scotty being a bit 'falling to pieces' in Part II of ONOW. Not perfect, but I actually liked it enough to bother posting it.

Spying - Corry and Scotty spying (kinda) in Part III. Just a sketch, done purely for my own amusement. And practice. As usual, kinda on the cartoony side.

Slipping - A quick, digital painting of Scott, at the end of his proverbial and literal rope after diving under the Lady Grey in Part IV, Chapter VI of ONOW. Gritty image, really, but came out well. It was actually pitch black down there, but that wouldn't have made much of a picture... so, I took some artistic liberties.

There are a handful of other pictures, but I'm not happy enough with them to post them anywhere.
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