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Re: Abrams Describes Trailer Scenes

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uh... an extendable pocket katana? I don't get it, was he kidding around? Because it sounds like a joke, but...
Ahhhh, but, you see... this Sulu is a badass!!

He must be a badass with a really short memory, though, since he (along with everybody else on the ship, apparently) forgets all of this by the time Balance of Terror comes around.

Lindley wrote: View Post
You know, I don't recall if we'd ever gotten a notion of when George Sr. and Winona died before.
They really don't talk about Kirk's parents through the series. I suppose that their deaths could be related to the pain that Sybok wanted to reveal in TFF, but Kirk never really indicated a great hatred for Romulans over the course of the series. If they were killed, it would seem more likely that it would have been by Klingons, not Romulans.

Of course, in discussing the trailer, I notice Abrams conveniently left out the fight between Spock and Kirk.
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