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Re: More 'Star Trek XI' Preview Reports

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So the New York Times lumps The Undiscovered Country with the TNG films? Count that another reason I hate the NYT with a passion. Those liberal bastards who only review movies in which I end up hating but they go gah gah over.
Well, I'm a libertarian, not a liberal, and I've always thought that TUC is vastly over-rated. It had a ham-handed script, it was too cute with lots of its dialogue, and both the production design and FX were garish. I've always grouped it with The Final Frontier---kind of crappy. <shrug>

But I agree with you that the TNG films suck, though. I enjoyed the first four Trek films, and I liked about thirty minutes of First Contact, but Treks 5-7 and 9 and 10 sucked ass, IMHO.
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