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Re: Kristen Stewart: Genre babe of the week #47 (Nov. 2008)

Aragorn wrote: View Post
Hint for the next GBOW (don't give a direct answer):

"Whyd you come back?"
"Waiting for you."
"I told you before, I cant help you."
"Well we need to go and help these people, were here to make a difference, we believe all lives are special."
"Some lives, some not."
"Really? If everyone thought like you, nothing would ever change."
"Nothing does change."
"Of course it does! Nothing stays the same."
"Live your life cause youve got a good one."
"Its what Im trying to do!"
"No, what youre trying to do is change what is."
"And what is?"
"Go home."
I know this and I'm likely going thumbs up.
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