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Why is it a pot of trouble? It's just a rumour. So did it start long before her departure or was it some vicious smear campaign on Jennifer Lien?
Because certain Kes fans are very sensitive about the issue.

Many can't distinguish "rumor" doesn't equal "fact", not to mention Kes post are always controversial being that Jen Lien has been the only actress to be "let go" from Trek.

There have been many rumors on why Lien was let go, unfortunately nobody knows for sure what the exact reason is. Everybody just has a theory.

There is no confromation on the drug rumor. All I can say having met Lien myself along with many others that have and agree, that Mrs. Lien does behave rather "oddly" in person. I think that's what fueled the rumors. Lien is also rumored to be very nervous in crowds, so she could be taking something to help her anxiety which causes her to come across as loopy.

However once again, I can't confirm or deny the rumors. Jen Lien's personal life isn't my business.

I will say this, posting the title "Kes on Acid" just might get you allot of negitive attention.
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