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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

Well as far as a Star Trek book is concerned I would say that this was perfect. It was everything you could hope for.

I was particularly happy with the optimism of the ending. From some of what I had heard I expected the book to end with destruction, death, and devastation, but instead I got that feeling of hope that sends tingles down my spine. Yeah, the consequences will be far reaching, but they will be dealt with and in the end of the day the Federation will survive. And perhaps now there is a real chance of peace in this part of the galaxy. Then again with the next TNG novel being Losing the Peach perhaps that peace will be short lived.

As far as

The last thing I have to say is that page 128 made me cry. I think that is the author's greatest strength--the ability to capture the raw emotion that the characters are feeling and translate it into something meaningful. You really do care about these characters--even if they only appear for a page. And he writes them in such a way that you connect with them and feel the emotion right along with them.

I wasn't planning to, but I now I will definitely be reading The Calling.

And with that said, I can start complaining about how amazon isn't shipping A Singular Destiny yet!
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