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Re: November Contest Entry: Sacrifice (PG-13)

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Amazing story. Your depiction of the survival of faith against all odds is very moving.

I also have always felt that the character of Dukat had many possibilities never even guessed at in the TV series. The Dukat you've created here could easily be part of that Dukat, it certainly seemed real to me that being the oppressed rather than the oppressor would produce in him a strength and a faith that he's never needed in the canon universe.
Or, if you see it my way, a strength and faith that he desperately needed yet chose against.

And thank you very much for reading...I'm glad it came across as credible.

The basic idea of Dukat being different in a universe where he wasn't on top was also explored in the Myriad Universes anthology--but I thought in that story there wasn't really a lot of explanation as to how that came to be, what made that other Dukat tick. Creating a universe and being able to really explore the character and come up with a context where that would be believable was something I really enjoyed doing.

Oddly enough, even though I killed him, I feel at rest about it, much more so than I do about most characters dying.

Then again, maybe it's because I remember what that's like. (The most unbelievably realistic dream of such that one could possibly imagine, that is...real enough to make me ask a LOT of questions.)
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