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Re: What do you want for Christmas?

My list...

1.) Cold, hard Cash...

...and I need it now more than ever. I’m sure that Sallie Mae is reasonable but, she is eventually going to want her money back. Besides, I’m tired of being broke!

2.) A new TV

My current TV is busted. I do not currently know if it can be repaired or not.

3.) A Mini-shelf Stereo System

The one I have now has a malfunctioning CD Changer and it’s out of warranty too. The replacement must have Red & White RCA-Type Auxiliary Input Jacks. Those jacks will be used for my Turntable and my iPod via an adapter cable. The unit & speakers cannot be any taller than 14 inches in height. Otherwise, it won’t fit on my shelf.

4.) A Gun Belt & Holster that holds a M1911 and .45 ACP Rounds

5.) Apple iPod USB Travel Kit with Car Charger/ Travel Adapter/ Cable

Remember, it has to be compatible with an 8GB iPod Touch.

6.) 2 or 3 pairs of Blue Jeans

My size is 34 x 32.

7.) 2 or 3 pairs of Dress Slacks

They should also be size 34x32. I’m not above substituting a pair of Dockers for these slacks, either. Few would ever know or care. Navy Blue is preferred.

8.) A new Electric Razor

Gillette Fusion Power & Mach 3 blades are too expensive to keep buying again and again. A new Razor makes for a great stocking stuffer, too.

Also Holdfast, both of those ties are terrible.
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