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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Well... I've actually been posting on another Star Trek website for a few years, but I've been lurking around this place for awhile and decided to start posting here.

I'm a life-long Trekkie-- and yes, I prefer Trekkie over Trekker. I'm actually a 2nd generation Trekkie as my father was a huge fan of TOS. A too am I huge TOS fan; "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield" is my all-time favorite episode. Also was a big TNG fan. And to be honest, the only movie I really dislike 'to date' is Generations. I like DS9, VOY, and ENT... but not near as much as TOS and TNG, (though I did love the 4th season of ENT). And thanks to Netflix, I'm discovering TAS.

I'm looking forward to the new movie, but am VERY SKEPTICAL. I'm willing to look past and accept the canon violations, character retcons, new Enterprise design, new bridge design, fancy CGI effects, exploding starships, topless Uhura (in fact, I welcome a topless Uhura) and product placements... AS LONG AS this movie has some heart. It's gotta be a charcter driven story. I want a good character driven story, not two hours of mindless Star Wars-like effects. [***NOTE*** I'm not dissing Star Wars. I like Star Wars. But they're two complelty different things.]

Well, I've type enough. I've got 49 posts I have to make until I can have a avatar!
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