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Nice sketch, but it reminds me too much of the Godzilla from the movie with Matthew Broderick.
Yeah, a little too much chin compared to the cover image. And you have his claws flat, like long human finger- and toenails (and look like they'd be far too easily pried up if he dug them into his meal) rather than the thicker, sharper claws of a natural predator.
Point agreed with... some things to think about when I do a version 2 of this.

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Lavvena's on the cover of book 4, Over a Torrent Sea
I'm aware, and I'll be referencing that shot in the pic I'm working on, since the goal's more to design her look while wearing the hydration suit.

I'm trying to get used to drawing the Titan characters for some comic pages I'm working on, not so much trying to put my creative stamp on the characters or to deliver anything resembling a "definitive" version. I realize we know what Ree and Lavena look like, I'm just trying to get them down on paper for the sake of the project I'm working on.
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