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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

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And the original point being refuted by myself and others, which you had previously defended, was...
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(I guess the fact that his character was based on the story of Jesus has to do partly with that )
There's a big difference between saying that the character was based on Jesus and saying that he's taken on Christ-like qualities.
Hmm. Quite right. I don't have access to the creators intentions, and as I've never cared for the character I've never bothered with his backstory, but if you say the authors intended their character to be a meld of Moses and Herakles, then I must assume that is correct. Still, no reason to prize authorial intention; there is also a difference between what they deliberately set out to create and what they actually created, and this is where the overbearing cultural influences come in: a character ready-made to become messianic.

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