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Re: The meaning of Christmas...

I don't really understand christmas... but then, hey, I don't understand the big deal about Birthdays either (haven't celebrated one in 22 years).

However, there are some friends and family members who adore the season (especially my mother), so for a week-or-so every year I put away my curmudgeon-mental-utility-belt and do my utmost to make their holiday as pleasant as possible. I don't care who gives me what, if anything at all, but I do rather go out of my way to get them each something small, special and thoughtful.

I see these people once, maybe twice a year, so I attempt to make it as memorable for them as I can. Oh, and I cook. Christmas for me is all about trying new recipes, new food-stuffs. Last years home-made sushi Boxing Day dinner was a smash!

I guess Christmas does actually bring out the best in me. Rather a pity I revert back to the cynical, mysanthropic, grumpy SOB mindset I seem to dwell in.

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