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Re: Recommend TOS Books?

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A new 20000-words story - or will those 20000 words be additions to the existing stories, meaning to get to the new material I have to reread all 3 stories? (just weighing the pros and cons to buying the hc as well... )

Neither. It's a number of interstitial elements, primarily in the form of a short story following each novel, an overall prologue and epilogue, plus a new author's preface.

Here's the table of contents fir Crucible hardcover:

- Preface: Talismans and Spells
- Prologue: The Potentials of Emptiness
- Provenance of Shadows
- “The Delicate Currents of the Past”
- The Fire and the Rose
- “The Weight of Too Few Years”
- The Star To Every Wandering
- “Into the Void”
- Epilogue: Confluence, Enduring

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What are the dimensions of the hardcover edition?

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