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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

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^On paper, he was exactly what you say. But the execution left much to be desired. We weren't seeing a Vulcan laugh. We were seeing a jovial human who just happened to be wearing pointed ears.

Think about the various times in TOS when Spock's emotions were let loose. There was always something creepy and disturbing about it. Perhaps because we were used to seeing Nimoy acting emotionally restrained. But that's how they should have cast Sybok--get somebody who's more introverted, and make them act extroverted. In casting somebody who came off as completely, naturally extroverted, they didn't sell the point.

A more intriguing way to portray a Vulcan who embraces his emotions would be to have him embrace negative emotions as well as positive ones. For the "villain" of the story, Sybok was unusually likeable. Imagine if they'd given him a pronounced negative side--had him flying off in rages with little provocation, that sort of thing. Show us that there's a reason that the Vulcans are so big about restraining their emotions, as TOS established.
If Lawence Lukenbill got you to think you were watching a man who just so happened to have pointed ears on, then he did EXACTLY what the role demanded...he was great, IMO...and compared to NEMESIS and INSURRECTION? its light years better..and made more money, not even accounting for inflation, than NEMESIS...

So, TREK V had its issues, but is far from being the worse TREK film..NEMESIS, IMO, wins that award hands just an awful movie with no 'character' moments to even give it an effort....

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