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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

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Ah, semantical biggest turn-off on the Net.
This is not 'semantical quibbling'. This is a case of different words having different meanings. You, however, have twisted the meaning of a word (semantics) to describe something other than its own definition. You have played the semantics game, and therefore are your own biggest turn-off on the net. How's it feel?

To those saying that emotional Sybok was 'too human' and that he should be 'darker' because, hey, why else would Vulcans suppress emotions if they weren't so volatile all the time?:

There is another aspect to being a Vulcan, and that is their little telepathic trick that they do. Sybok, while perfectly pleasant and quite the idealist that wanted peace and detested conflict, used his Vulcan mind games to telepathically subdue others to his 'cause', whether intentionally or not. Perhaps it was a side effect of this quality that caused so much conflict and violence on Vulcan that the only way they could suppress it included, by extension, a suppression of emotion as well.
When I get some more time, I'm going to look up your other posts. From what I've seen, I'm really impressed, some good speculation (by good, I mean speculation based on observation and thought, not just blue sky musing.)
I'm blushing, thanks. I haven't been a member long so there isn't much to read, I'm afraid. Been a Trek fan all my life and it was popular in my social circle, so therefore have had plenty of conversations about this stuff over the years.
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